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Scrubber Natural Deodorant - Patchouli & Mango

Scrubber Natural Deodorant - Patchouli & Mango

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Scrubber Eco Friendly Deodorant was started by Siu-see & Scott, a husband and wife team hand mixing and pouring each tube of their natural deodorant in London, England.

Affordable and effective, Scrubber comes in a range of scents and joyful, shelf-pleasing packaging! 

The Patchouli and Mango scented stick combines the woody musk of patchouli with the rounder, sweeter scent of mango. With subtle undertones of Jasmine adding a bit of citric tang, the result is a wonderfully androgynous scent that is at once warm, sweet and complex.

Although perhaps best associated with the hippy counter-cultural movement of the late 60s, Patchouli remains a widely used base for perfumes, deodorants and aftershaves. Scrubber's unique take on the classic patchouli scent puts a fun spin on a classic and timeless scent.

Scrubber natural deodorants are already formulated to be as kind to your under arms as possible, while still having anti-bacterial agents. For those with extra-sensitive skin, we offer an alternate formulation that does not use bicarb, which can irritate those with especially sensitive skin. Choose the Sensitive option when adding to your cart if you prefer. 

Use daily after showering and in the morning. Gently push up the bottom of the tube and hold the exposed bit of deodorant against your underarm. After a couple of seconds the deodorant stick will warm up, allowing you to glide it around and leave a thin layer of deodorant on your underarms.

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