Harbour & Tide Swim Club

We love swimming here at Harbour & Tide so we started Harbour & Tide Swim Club! Let's grow the community through our shared love of the sea! 

Join us for Harbour & Tide Swim Club, our regular swim meet up. Its an informal and friendly dip in the sea, open to anyone.

Come along and receive a Harbour & Tide Swim Club Loyalty Card and a stamp for every swim. Collect 10 stamps and get 15% off in store!

This is a free event and you are responsible for your own safety whilst in the the water and afterwards. It is important that you come prepared for a cold swim in the winter months with adequate swimwear, warm clothes and a hot drink.

This event is totally free, we just ask that you book via our Eventbrite page so we know how many of you to expect. 

Click HERE to book. 



Disclaimer: This is not a commercial event and you enter the sea at your own risk. Harbour & Tide are not responsible for your safety while in the water or on the beach.