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Mull Club Recycled Plastic Coaster -Van'ish

Mull Club Recycled Plastic Coaster -Van'ish

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Set of 4 Coasters

These recycled coasters are made from recycled plastic collected directly from Mull Club's local community in South East London. This blend is created using a mix of Vanish tubs, Fage yoghurt pots, and Calpol syringes plus clear take away food containers.

The plastics in these coasters were delivered by hand to the shop, further minimising the carbon footprint of our recycling system verses the typical journey plastic recycling takes across the globe and back. 

Due to the nature of the recycling process every coaster will be slightly different, but the set’s are picked to be as similar as possible.  

Every purchase supports Mull Club's mission to recycle directly from the community, within the community. Reducing the mileage from our waste, ensuring it doesn't join the 2/3 of plastic that is shipped overseas.

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