Meet the Brand - Davy J

Meet the Brand - Davy J

Davy J is a waterwear brand designed to bridge the gap between fashion resort wear and practical swimwear, created to sculpt the body and survive a dive, and designed to make you feel comfortable, confident and fabulous in and out of water.

Designed and led by Women of the Future Award Winner and wild swimming enthusiast Helen Lofts, Davy J is an ever growing collection of waterwear essentials for style-led ladies who love to brave the waves. Proudly offering a range that is reliable and resilient for women who are searching for swimwear that is “super flattering but not skimpy, with the ability to accentuate curves and smooth lines while adding security & hold.

We meet founder Helen Lofts to chat sustainability, innovation and her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

What inspired you to start your own brand, and how did your journey begin?

I was born and raised around the rural coastline in Devon, the concept for Davy J originates from my passion for sea swimming and my utter frustration with suits that couldn't keep up with my adventurous side! I also wanted to build a business that looks at resources in a different way.

In the context of the swimwear industry, how are you working towards sustainability and ethical practices?

Innovation, Sustainability & Circular Economy has always been at the heart of Davy J. We were one of the first brands globally using ECONYL® in our collection, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn made from waste (including fishing nets, plastic scraps and textile discards). 

The launch of our unique bonded long sleeve suits in 2021 made headlines in the swimwear world introducing a brand new product to the market that bridges the gap between a swimsuit and wetsuit, targeted at the growing cold water swimming market.

Now our latest launch in April 2023 - The ‘Zero Trace’ Swimsuit - is a result of years of innovation & development to minimise the negative impact of fashion on the planet. With 206,456 tonnes of textile waste entering landfill each year in the UK, the Davy J Zero Trace Swimsuit will, under the right conditions, decompose into harmless organic matter and biodegrade in just 5 years at end of life. Featuring the first fully biodegradable polyamide 6.6 yarn combined with an innovative biodegradable elastane, every element of this suit has been considered; from the hidden rubber trims replaced with 100% natural, plant-derived rubber, the option of a belt, the fabric of which is a blend of biodegradable modal (a bio-based fibre from tree cellulose) and natural rubber, with a recyclable resin buckle innovatively crafted from pre-loved Davy J suits, and even a specially formulated compostable film made from wood pulp replacing plastic hygiene stickers.

How do you approach innovation and creativity within Davy J?

We are always striving to lead and be the first to test and launch new innovative materials and designs in the industry.

What significant trends do you see shaping your industry, and how is your brand responding to them?

Authenticity in photography, the growth of wild swimming and water sports as well the wider empowerment of women. It all shapes and feeds into why I launched Davy J in the first place – to make all women look and feel amazing in and around the water. Life’s just simply too short and you’re too fabulous to be worrying about your swimwear.

Can you share a failure or setback you've experienced and what you learned from it?

Entrepreneurship is constantly full of successes and setbacks, that comes hand in hand with putting yourself and your brand out there. If you’re not failing then you’re not trying hard enough 😊

What advice would you give to aspiring women entrepreneurs who look up to you?

Fail fast. Make decisions quickly. You can’t have it all, but that’s okay.

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