Meet the Brand - Herd Bags

Meet the Brand - Herd Bags

Herd Bags was founded in 2019 to make bags with purpose and style and to reduce waste. They have achieved that and more with their joyful vibrant designs and practical, quality tote bags. 

We love these bags for all the above reasons - they make the perfect beach bag as they are wipe clean and waterproof!

We caught up with founder Nancy Powell to talk about why she started Herd, her design process and her aspirations for the future. 


What inspired you to start your own brand, and how did your journey begin?

I have always wanted to start my own business and when, as a mother of three small children, the conventional workplace felt inflexible and short on opportunity I decided to back myself and go for it.

How do you define the mission and core values of Herd Bag?

Finding ways to make 'waste' have a second or third life as something both useful and beautiful.

Can you describe the process of developing a new product or service from concept to launch?

The utility of a Herd Bag is something that always preoccupies me.  I am a long time lover of bags and the ones that reach for most are those with great appointment, a handle that is the right length, pocket in the right place etc.  You see this kind of thought in high end bags but rarely in the bags that we use day in day out for shopping, swim lessons, the commute.  So once I am happy with appointment I turn to design and I am a total magpie for great colours and anything shiny.  The jobs that Herd bags do can be dull the supermarket I want the design to be the opposite of that!  Once we have a design we do a sample, make any tweaks and then go to print.  From beginning to end the process is 3-6 months per design.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of running your own business?

The flexibility, the people you meet and the world of female entrepreneurs prepared to help and support each other.  It is a fantastic space in which to be.

What are you most proud of achieving with Herd Bag?

Getting a product to market. 
You can't underestimate what is involved in going from idea to that moment when you make your first sale.  I am also proud of the 7 tonnes of ocean plastic we have cleared by existing!

Looking to the future, what aspirations do you have for your brand and yourself as a founder?

I have boundless energy for bags and so would love to continue to evolve the design of the bags and collaborate with other brands to introduce fresh designs and materials.

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